Company Registration

The process of establishing a company involves a simple procedure for business setup advisors when forming a Free Zone business at IFZA Dubai. While the incorporation process remains the same for individual and corporate shareholders, the required supporting paperwork differs between the two.


During the process of initiating your business with IFZA, you’ll receive guidance from our network of Professional Partners and our skilled team at IFZA. Initially, we’ll discuss your Licensee’s needs via phone, email, or in-person at our office, based on your preference.

After determining these requirements, we’ll provide a proposal outlining:

License type                      

Visa Package

Business Activities

Office options

Processing & License Issuance

Our assistance team will proceed to enroll your shareholder’s paperwork within the registration portal.

Upon approval, the governing body will provide two forms for your digital signature. An electronic copy will be emailed, while the original License can be collected from our office upon your request.


The client submits the subsequent paperwork:

Application Form for License

Copy of Passport

Digital Photograph of Passport

Emirates ID and Visa copy for individuals residing in the UAE

Client Support

After the license is established, our team will persist in aiding and supporting you if you need:

Visa procedures

Office arrangements

Medical insurance

Assistance with opening a bank account

Upgrading or downgrading the license

Making amendments to the license

Renewing the license

Trust The Process &
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Public Relations Services in UAE

Seen offers top-tier PRO assistance and document-clearing services that expertly handle all of your government-related tasks and administrative procedures

Business Buy & Sell Brokerage

Our services include business valuation, marketing to potential buyers, negotiation facilitation, and coordinating legal and financial aspects of the transaction.

Emarati Local Sponsor Agents

Establishing a business in the UAE outside of designated free zones necessitates a local Emirati sponsor or partner according to commercial law.

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Basic Plan
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