Mainland Setup

Whether your business is commercial, industrial, or professional, our specialists will assist you in choosing the most advantageous and appropriate Dubai mainland license.


To make sure that your mainland firm is set up correctly for the long run, you must obtain the appropriate trade license when launching a new venture in the United Arab Emirates. The standards that apply to you and the type of trade license you need to obtain can vary depending on your intended business activities, the structure of your company, and the jurisdiction in which you operate.


In addition to the direct access to a diversified local labor that comes with establishing a mainland business, mainland companies can also take advantage of networking possibilities and possible alliances with well-established businesses in the UAE. SEEN can help you reach your target.


Establishing a mainland firm in Dubai gives you unfettered market access across the entire UAE, enabling you to trade locally and submit bids for government contracts. Your company can reach a wide range of consumers, both private citizens and commercial entities, and benefit from increased freedom to carry out different operations with few limitations.


Let Seen guide you through the possibilities of mainland company formation.
If you’re looking to register in Dubai mainland, you must go through the Department of Economic Development (DED).

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Public Relations Services in UAE

Seen offers top-tier PRO assistance and document-clearing services that expertly handle all of your government-related tasks and administrative procedures

Business Buy & Sell Brokerage

Our services include business valuation, marketing to potential buyers, negotiation facilitation, and coordinating legal and financial aspects of the transaction.

Emarati Local Sponsor Agents

Establishing a business in the UAE outside of designated free zones necessitates a local Emirati sponsor or partner according to commercial law.

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