At Seen, our mission is to help businesses in the UAE grow and thrive through robust partnerships with our clients. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering exceptional business setup services that meet your unique needs and leveraging our extensive network to provide comprehensive support before, during and after company formation.

Our expert team of business setup consultants in Dubai offer a diverse range of services, including market research, data analysis, and in-depth business planning and budgeting, to assist you at every stage of your journey. Our ultimate aim is to enable your growth and profitability by providing customized solutions and invaluable insights.

Partner with Seen to attain your business goals with unwavering confidence.


Company Registration

At Seen, we guarantee a stress-free business registration process in the UAE. 

We take care of everything, ensuring full compliance and acting as your representatives to communicate with authorities on your behalf. 

You'll benefit from tax advantages, ownership flexibility, and an ideal business environment as you establish your presence in the UAE market.

Our experienced consultants will provide a complimentary consultation to understand your unique business requirements and devise the optimal setup strategy. 

You can trust us to handle your business registration seamlessly, enabling you to concentrate on your core business activities and enjoy complete peace of mind whilst starting a business in Dubai or the wider UAE.


Freezone Setup

The UAE boasts numerous free zones that provide businesses with a plethora of benefits. These include complete foreign ownership, tax exemptions, easy setup processes, cutting-edge infrastructure, heightened privacy, access to skilled talent, networking opportunities, and simplified customs procedures.

With over 50 free zones situated across Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain, each offering unique regulations and incentives customized to specific industries, Seen's company formation consultants in Dubai will assist you in handpicking the most fitting free zone license for your business. 

This will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of owning a free zone company and capitalize on operational opportunities presented by the UAE's rapidly evolving economy.


Mainland Setup

Mainland business setup in Dubai allows unrestricted market access throughout the UAE, giving you the ability to trade locally and bid for government projects. Your business can tap into an extensive customer base, including individuals and businesses while also enjoying greater flexibility in conducting various activities with minimal restrictions.

Establishing a mainland company provides direct access to a diverse local workforce, furthermore, mainland companies benefit from networking opportunities and potential partnerships with established businesses in the UAE. 

Let Seen guide you through the possibilities of mainland company formation.

If you're looking to register in Dubai mainland, you must go through the Department of Economic Development (DED).


Ejari Registration & Office Setup

Seen utilizes its real estate expertise and knowledge of the Ejari registration process to streamline office setup. We source suitable office spaces or commercial premises that meet businesses' specific needs, considering factors like location, size, facilities, lease terms, furnishing options and legal requirements, on a monthly or annual basis.

Our services encompass property search, lease agreement negotiations, due diligence, contract finalization, and local regulations and licensing compliance. With our assistance, businesses can secure office spaces that align with their operational requirements in a thriving business environment. For those in Dubai, Ejari services provide a government-regulated platform for transparent and legally compliant tenancy contracts. Trust Seen to help you realize your company's vision of the perfect office space.


Public Relations  Services in UAE

Seen offers top-tier PRO assistance and document-clearing services that expertly handle all of your government-related tasks and administrative procedures. From visa processing to document attestation, labor and immigration approvals, and licensing and permit renewals, we take care of all regulatory compliance matters. 

Our sole aim is to ensure that your business operations function smoothly while remaining fully compliant with the legal requirements of the UAE.

We pride ourselves on reducing your administrative burden and expertly guiding you through the complex bureaucracy and regulatory landscape of the UAE. 

With our PRO services, you can confidently focus on your core activities while we take care of all the government regulations and requirements.


Emarati Local Sponsor Agents

Establishing a business in the UAE outside of designated free zones necessitates a local Emirati sponsor or partner according to commercial law. 

The Emirati sponsor fulfils the role of a legal representative, providing critical support in navigating the business landscape, interacting with government authorities, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

This requirement not only facilitates economic participation and partnership between Emiratis and foreign investors but also promotes local entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer while safeguarding the nation's economic interests. 

At Seen, we leverage our extensive network within the Emirati business community to facilitate your search for a local sponsor, thus completing the final piece of your business formation puzzle.


Business Buy & Sell Brokerage

Our business buying and selling brokerage is a professional service that facilitates the acquisition and divestment of businesses. Seen acts as a trusted intermediary, bridging the gap between buyers and sellers. Our services include business valuation, marketing to potential buyers, negotiation facilitation, and coordinating legal and financial aspects of the transaction.

Our advisors and brokers provide invaluable support to both parties involved, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. We prioritize confidentiality, maximize value, and guide our clients through the complexities of the process. With our market knowledge and experience, we streamline the process and help individuals and companies navigate the intricacies and considerations of the transaction. Consider our brokerage for your business needs.


Government Relations Services

At Seen, our team of government liaison specialists will ensure that your business runs smoothly. 

We cover all aspects of compliance with regulations, building strong relationships with government entities, obtaining permits and approvals, managing public affairs and advocacy, handling crisis communication, and identifying government incentives and support.

The governmental and regulatory landscape can be daunting. 

At Seen, with our expert guidance and support, you can be confident that your interests are being safeguarded. 

Let us help you at every step of the way, so you can focus on building a successful business. Trust us to take care of the details and ensure your success.


Company Bank Account Support

We will assist you in opening a business bank account in the UAE. 

With our extensive knowledge of the market, Seen will guide you in selecting the most appropriate financial institution and account(s) that meet your business needs. 

We will handle the entire process, from collecting the necessary documents and submitting the application to arranging authorized signatories for your desired bank's due diligence.

Seen’s business setup consultants in Dubai will also provide insights on the minimum balances required and ensure a seamless and trouble-free process. 

Please note that the account opening timeline may vary depending on the bank and the complexity of the business structure.

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